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It's Not A Banana! [Monologue]

It's Not A Banana! [ Monologue] Release Date:  11.26.2023 Created By: M.P. SHORTS Monologue:      Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round as I share with you a tale of two plantains - a green plantain and a sweet plantain. In the vast world of culinary delights, these two humble fruits stand as a testament to the diversity and magic of nature's bounty.      Let us first cast our eyes upon the green plantain. Firm and unyielding to the touch, its vibrant green skin hints at its youth and raw potential. Oh, how it holds within its grasp the promise of transformation! With a heart full of starch, the green plantain is a canvas upon which culinary dreams are painted. When sliced thin and fried to a crisp, it becomes the very embodiment of indulgence – the beloved snack known as plantain chips. And as it matures, its starches gradually give way to a softer, sweeter flesh, suitable for hearty dishes that warm the soul. Plantain tostones, boldly fried and then flattened to perfection,

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