End of Summer Shorts: Vol. II: Superwomen Patty

End of Summer Shorts

Vol. II: Superwomen Patty

Release Date: 08.30.2023

Created By: M.P. SHORTS  

    In the distant future, humanity colonized numerous planets across the galaxy. Among these colonies was a vibrant world named Nova Terra, where scientists, engineers, and explorers from Earth had established a thriving community. Despite the advancements in technology, the people of Nova Terra were determined to preserve their cultural heritage and traditions, even in the far reaches of space.

    In this new world, a culinary engineer named Joanna Nandez was known for her unbridled creativity. She had a passion for blending local ingredients with cutting-edge food science, crafting dishes that both paid homage to Earth's culinary history and embraced the possibilities of the cosmos. One day, as Joanna

 strolled through Nova Terra's vast botanical gardens, a vision struck her – a dish that would bridge the gap between her Venezuelan roots and the futuristic society she now called home.

    Joanna's creation began with a corn species specially adapted to Nova Terra's environment. The kernel shad an otherworldly hue, a testament to the planet's unique ecosystem. She ground the corn into a fine, shimmering flour, a stark contrast to the traditional process on Earth. With the help of molecular gastronomy, Joanna transformed the flour into a dough that could adapt to various textures and flavors.

    But it was the technology of holographic infusion that truly set her creation apart. Joanna gathered the essence of traditional Venezuelan herbs and spices, encapsulating them in tiny holographic capsules. As she kneaded the dough, she introduced these capsules, allowing the flavors to meld seamlessly into the mixture. The result was a dough that shimmered with spectral colors, each shade representing a distinct taste.

    Joanna placed the holographically infused dough on a cooking surface, using energy fields to create controlled heat. As the dough sizzled and crackled, the aromas of her heritage wafted through the air. With a flick of her fingers, Joanna adjusted the fields, shaping the dough into a perfectly round and thin patty. The surface of the arepa glowed with the ethereal hues of the infused flavors.

    When the arepa was ready, Joanna gently lifted it from the surface. As she bit into the creation, a burst of flavors enveloped her senses – a symphony of tastes that transported her back to her grandmother's kitchen on Earth. The holographic infusion had achieved the impossible, blending nostalgia with the innovation of Nova Terra.

    Word of Joanna's creation spread through the colony. The holographically infused arepa became a sensation, not just for its taste, but for the story it told – a story of a culture's resilience and adaptability, of a journey that spanned galaxies and generations.

    As the years passed, the holographically infused arepa became a symbol of Nova Terra's unique blend of tradition and progress. And every time someone savored the futuristic creation that paid homage to

 Earth's culinary history, they were reminded of Joanna Nandez's visionary spirit and the power of uniting the past and the future in a single, delectable bite.


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