End of Summer Shorts: Vol. III: Empanada Smiles

End of Summer Shorts

Vol. III: Empanada Smiles

Release Date: 08.21.2023

Created By: M.P. SHORTS

    In the lively town of Boca Del Risas, a group of friends known for their mischievous antics decided to embark on a culinary adventure that would go down in history. There was Miguel, the laid-back dreamer; Sofia, the fiery and adventurous one; Felipe, the science enthusiast; and Lily, the organized problem solver. They were an odd but inseparable quartet, always up for a good laugh.

    One sunny afternoon, as they lounged under a palm tree near the beach, their stomachs growling in unison, Sofia declared, "We need to invent something delicious to satisfy these hungry bellies!"

Felipe, ever the logical one, suggested, "How about a new kind of snack? Something portable and bursting with flavor!" Something easy to make and easy to devour.

    Miguel, gazing at the waves, chimed in, "Yeah, like a pocket full of happiness that we can eat on the go!" Almost like a dumpling but not really.

    Lily nodded thoughtfully. "Alright, but what kind of filling should it have?" I'm so tired of eating fish. So please something else than just fish.

    As they brainstormed ideas, Sofia's eyes twinkled mischievously. "I've got it! Let's combine all our favorite flavors in one – meat, cheese, veggies, and a dash of spicy!"

    The friends erupted in excitement, ready to embark on their culinary journey. Armed with an assortment of ingredients and an adventurous spirit, they invaded Maria's kitchen, determined to create the ultimate portable snack.

    With flour flying and laughter echoing, they mixed, kneaded, and rolled dough into various shapes. Miguel accidentally spilled a bit of cheese into the dough, to which Felipe exclaimed, "Happy accident! Let's call it a cheesy twist!"

    As the kitchen filled with the tantalizing aromas of sautéed meat, grilled veggies, and Lily's perfectly balanced spices, Sofia couldn't help but twirl to her own made-up tune. "Empanada, empanada, a pocketful of glee, Stuff it with all things yum, as tasty as can be!"

    Amid their laughter and culinary mishaps, the friends assembled their creations – each empanada taking on a unique shape, size, and filling. They tossed them into the oven with crossed fingers, unsure if their experiment would yield anything edible.

    Finally, the timer dinged, and they gingerly pulled out their empanadas. To their surprise, each empanada was distinct – some bulging with filling, others misshapen like abstract art, and a few even seemed to have faces of their own.

    Lily declared with a grin, "These are the most unpredictable empanadas ever!"

    The friends couldn't resist the anticipation any longer. They took a bite, and a symphony of flavors exploded in their mouths. Their eyes widened in amazement as they savored the combination of textures and tastes. Each empanada was a delightful surprise, a pocketful of laughter and unexpected yumminess.

    As they sat there, devouring their creations, the friends couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of their adventure. With empanada crumbs and flour all over them, they realized that their "unpredictable empanadas" were a testament to their friendship – a mishmash of personalities, ideas, and tastes that somehow came together to create something wonderful.

    And so, in the heart of Boca Del Risas, the first-ever empanada was born – not just a delicious snack, but a symbol of friendship, laughter, and the beauty of unexpected surprises. From that day on, whenever someone enjoyed an empanada, they were reminded of the hilarious journey that led to its creation and the enduring bond of the group of friends who dared to dream and laugh together.



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