The Turkey Won't Baste It Self: Vol. 1: Turkey Troubles and Tech Tantrums

The Turkey Won't Baste Itself

Vol. 1: Turkey Troubles and Tech Tantrums

Release Date: 11.19.2023

Created By: M.P. SHORTS 

    The Johnson family was ready for Thanksgiving, armed with a turkey recipe from a YouTube sensation, grandma's stuffing secrets, and a pinch of high-tech chaos. In their bustling suburban home, the aroma of roasted coffee blended with the scent of pumpkin spice candles, setting the stage for a Thanksgiving unlike any other.

    As the family gathered in the living room, Uncle Bobby proudly presented his latest invention: a robotic turkey-carving machine he had cobbled together using spare parts from his garage. The family eyed the contraption with a mix of skepticism and curiosity, unsure if it would be a hero or a villain in their Thanksgiving tale.

    The chaos began when Aunt Lisa, armed with her smartphone, tried to stream a virtual Thanksgiving parade on the smart TV. After a series of failed attempts, she declared war on the TV remote, insisting it had a personal vendetta against her. Meanwhile, the kids, were hanging out with tablets and gaming consoles focused into Fortnite and Minecraft.

    In the kitchen, the matriarch, Mom (a self-proclaimed culinary genius with a Pinterest addiction), struggled to follow the online recipe. The futuristic turkey-carving machine, programmed by Uncle Bob, started its mission. However, instead of slicing the turkey with precision, it embarked on a chaotic dance, swinging the carving knife wildly as if auditioning for a robotic talent show.

    Amid the technological turmoil, the family dog, Max, decided to make a grand entrance. Drawn by the tantalizing smells wafting from the kitchen, he bolted in, snagging the turkey before the robotic carver could make a move. Chaos ensued as Max gleefully dashed around the house, a trail of family members chasing him, with Uncle Bob's turkey-carving machine hot on their heels.

    Back in the living room, Aunt Lisa finally triumphed over the TV remote, only to realize she had missed the virtual parade entirely. Undeterred, she declared the family's parade, marching around the house with makeshift floats fashioned from leftover Thanksgiving decorations.

    Amid the laughter, chaos, and occasional cries of "Max, drop that turkey!" the Johnson family found themselves in a truly modern Thanksgiving experience. Eventually, they abandoned the tech troubles, gathered around the dining table with mismatched plates and half-carved turkey, and realized that, despite the mishaps, their holiday was filled with love, laughter, and memories that would be shared in stories for years to come.

    As they raised their glasses for a toast, someone proposed a Thanksgiving hashtag to commemorate the day: #TechieTurkeyTumult. And so, the Johnson family embraced their uniquely chaotic, tech-infused Thanksgiving, grateful for the unforgettable memories and the joy of being together, even if Max did manage to snag the star of the show.



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